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Budget Car for Hire in Koh Phangan

Budget Car for Hire in Koh Phangan

Explore Koh Phangan on a Budget: Your Perfect Car Hire Awaits

Welcome to a world where affordability meets convenience and style. At, we understand the joys of exploring KohPangan without breaking the bank. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you the ultimate budget-friendly option for your island adventures—our automatic sedan. Perfect for families on a budget, this economical car doesn’t compromise on comfort or performance, making it your ideal companion as you uncover the hidden gems of Koh Phangan.

Economic, Efficient, Easy-to-Drive

Say goodbye to complicated controls and hello to smooth, effortless driving with our automatic sedan. Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, this vehicle ensures you can focus on the stunning views and unique experiences Koh Phangan offers, rather than worrying about the drive. Its economic fuel consumption means more exploration with less expenditure, so you can make the most of every moment on the island.

Tailored for Families

Traveling with family requires careful planning, especially when it comes to budgeting. Our budget car rental service is crafted with families in mind, offering the space and comfort you need at a price that keeps your wallet happy. Plus, with free baby car seats available, we ensure the safety and comfort of even the smallest adventurers in your family.

Exclusive Offers for Every Traveler

Whether you’re planning an extended stay or a short getaway, we’ve got you covered. Our special rates for both long and short-term rentals are designed to cater to your unique needs and ensure your Koh Phangan journey is as affordable as it is enjoyable.

Convenience Delivered

Embark on your adventure from the moment you arrive with our complimentary delivery service. Whether you’re at the port, your hotel, or anywhere on the island, we bring your chosen vehicle straight to you, offering a seamless start to your exploration of Koh Phangan.

Affordable Adventure Starts Here

With rates starting from just 700 THB/day*, exploring Koh Phangan has never been more accessible. Our competitive pricing, coupled with a commitment to quality and service, ensures that your island adventure is both memorable and affordable. *Conditions apply: starting price for a minimum of 3 days rental during the low season. However, our commitment to providing value means our prices are always competitive.

Get Your Personalized Quote Today

Are you ready to start your budget-friendly car rental in Koh Phangan? Send us a message for your personalized car hire quote and discover how easy, economical, and enjoyable exploring Koh Phangan can be with the right vehicle. With, your island exploration is just a drive away.


Automatic Transmission

Economic And Easy To Drive

Stereo System

Book Your Car

Starting 700thb/Day

*conditions apply, starting price for 3 days minimum rental in low season nevertheless, our prices are always competitive! Send a message for your quote

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Insurance Options
Best Reviews In Koh Phangan
Free Child Seat
Short And Long Terms Rates
Free Pier Delivery
Carefully Maintained Fleet

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Frequent Question

Since our inception in 2012, under both Thai and foreign management, we’ve become experts in everything car-related on Koh Phangan. Our expertise spans buying and selling vehicles, delivering top-notch customer service, and maintaining a fleet on this charming, yet underdeveloped island. Our team of nine, backed by an in-house maintenance facility and reliable suppliers, is dedicated to ensuring your rental experience is smooth and hassle-free.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and professionalism, constantly working to sustain and elevate our high customer satisfaction. With the largest fleet on the island, our hard work and dedication to customers mean we offer the most competitive rates and service in Koh Phangan. Interested in learning more? Send us an inquiry!

In Thong Sala town, the main town of Koh Phangan, parking rules are in place. Look for sidewalk markings to guide you to legal parking spots, and avoid areas marked in red and white or designated for motorbikes. In other areas, please be considerate of local parking customs.

While most attractions in Koh Phangan are accessible by paved roads, a 4-wheel drive can add comfort to your adventure but isn’t essential unless you’re exploring off-road areas. Ground clearance might be beneficial depending on where you’re staying. Need advice? We’re here to help.

Child seats aren’t enforced in Koh Phangan, but for your peace of mind, we offer free child seats and boosters. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll have them ready with your rental car.

Yes, we provide car rental delivery throughout Koh Phangan. The most convenient option is usually to pick up and return your car at the pier. We offer free delivery on the west side, while the east side delivery incurs an 800 THB fee.

Is an International Driving License Required to Rent a Car in Koh Phangan?

For full insurance coverage, a valid international driving permit is required. For basic insurance coverage, any valid driver’s license suffices. Local authorities may fine around 400 THB if a foreigner fails to present a license, but it’s not strictly enforced. You can easily obtain a valid international driving permit online through the International Drivers Association.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and professionalism, constantly working to sustain and elevate our high customer satisfaction. With the largest fleet on the island, our hard work and dedication to customers mean we offer the most competitive rates and service in Koh Phangan. Interested in learning more? Send us an inquiry!

No, these vehicles are road illegal in Koh Phangan and are allowed only for tours, not as a road transportation method. Instead, we provide a range of car, AWD, and 4WD rentals in Koh Phangan. Send us an email to get a quote.

When you reserve a car with us, we dedicate that vehicle to you and decline other bookings. If you cancel, we can’t refund your deposit, but we’ll hold it for up to six months. If you notify us early enough, we’ll attempt to rebook the car. If successful, we’re happy to refund your deposit, minus a 25% service fee.

What Customers Say

Shoo MatsuoShoo Matsuo
16:58 30 Nov 23
The staff is kind and the service is excellent. The car was clean and new.You can stay in close contact with us via Whatsapp or Gmail, so you can use it with confidence. I will use them again next time.The staff was friendly and the service was excellent.The car was clean and new.Close communication via whatsapp and Gmail.I will use this rental car again next time. :)
Amir KoblianskyAmir Kobliansky
03:54 29 Nov 23
Car was perfect for us (family with small kids. We had their toyota station. It had an extra set of chairs back that kifs could fit in. Service was great, and the car was great so i give 5 starts
Or KazazOr Kazaz
11:16 08 Nov 23
Great service! great car :)
Eran KatzEran Katz
02:19 20 Oct 23
Best service on the island! Rented a car for a long period of time, changed a few cars because we changed houses. Guy and his team were always super friendly and helpful, came to wherever we were changed the cars and helped.Every problem I had they came in a few minutes and fixed it.Great cars, good people wonderful experience.
Nitzan LevyNitzan Levy
09:17 10 Oct 23
Best service ever.Rented a car for two weeks and everything was just perfect.Super nice people, very helpful and responsive, and awesome cars as well.
shachar gazitshachar gazit
05:36 07 Oct 23
I rented a car for 3 weeks. It was delivered to my hotel, the car was very nice and clean. Perfect service, thank you very much and see you next time
stevo kstevo k
03:30 07 Oct 23
Great company to rent a car. We have rented cars there multiple times and never had any problem with their cars or service.If we took an early ferry, they were always on time to get the car back. And if someone scratches your car, they came quickly and it sort it in a good way. Thanks!
רני פלדרני פלד
09:51 06 Oct 23
The car we got was a Toyota 7 seats car.The service was great - we had arrived very late and instead of meeting at the company's office they agreed to arrive with the car to our villa in Koh panganVery friendly teamI strongly recommend.
dor laordor laor
05:22 05 Oct 23
Great car. Awesome service. Fast pick up and release. Highly recommended
Noam MolhoNoam Molho
17:15 04 Oct 23
We rented a car - Toyota fortuner for 18 days and everything was fine. The company is reliable, responsive and was easy to communicate with. Highly recommend and we will surely rent from them the next time.
Ohad MarkusOhad Markus
18:00 02 Oct 23
There's nothing wrong with Guy, I received warm recommendations and am happy to pass them on
hadar zadka hazanhadar zadka hazan
03:19 02 Oct 23
Great service!Totally recommended ✌️
Aviad Givon SarneAviad Givon Sarne
13:46 23 Sep 23
רונן כהןרונן כהן
11:03 16 Sep 23
Courteous and professional service. Highly recommended
לינה גבעונילינה גבעוני
12:09 06 Sep 23
Excellent service, quick response, amazing attitude of the staff. Thank you!!
Tony DizzTony Dizz
04:57 03 Sep 23
Great experience ! Professionnal staf !
Diego StancanelliDiego Stancanelli
10:04 28 Aug 23
I was with 5 more friends and we rented a big SUV, and had a great experience, easy pick up at the Port, easy check out, the car went well around all the island, think about to take a modified SUV if you want to reach all the beaches by car, there are medium to difficult offroad tracks.Thank you!
Ralf SchindlerRalf Schindler
02:09 15 Aug 23
We rented a car for about three weeks and everything went really good, thanks to the nice, friendly and reliable team. The cars are in good condition and the whole team is always happy to help. I can only recommend this company! Thanks a lot! 🙏
Renan MarxRenan Marx
14:44 31 Jul 23
Prompt punctual and friendly.Good car selection with great service anywhere on the island.We needed a small car and they provide best price for it.Most recommended
Danielle AromandoDanielle Aromando
19:49 28 Jul 23
Rented a small car on Koh Phangan, easy to drive this island. No traffic. Communication with rental car company with Whatsapp. The car rental company responded quickly. Had an issue with getting the car because it had a flat tire but the company drove my family and I to our next destination and took care of us until the flat tire was fixed. The company holds onto your passport while you rent the car. The car was clean and new.
Paola Olaya SarmientoPaola Olaya Sarmiento
06:20 07 Jul 23
We booked them following the good reviews in here and they did not disappoint. Communication was great all the time. I messaged them in the morning and they delivered the car couple of hours later all the way to Mae haad Bay resort which is 30 minutes away from the pier. They provided a baby car seat for my 2 year old and were super transparent with all the terms and conditions as well as the insurance. The car was perfect for our stay in the island and Can recommend this option for any family with young children traveling to Koh Phangan.
Elaine YoungElaine Young
17:34 21 May 23
Rented a Mazda 2 automatic for 10 days. Great little car, it was so nice having such good air-con at such a humid time of the year! Really nice staff: easy to deal with, good communication and fast responses. Would definitely use again :)
Sally EdwardsSally Edwards
04:24 05 May 23
Chose the company based on good reviews and very happy I did. Rented a small Mazda 2 for one week. Company super easy to communicate with and we're very flexible. Picked up and dropped off the car at the pier. Excellent service, will hire from again for sure 👍
00:29 03 May 23
Excellent service, very good prices. A dream!We are totally thrilled with this car rental in Koh Phangan.We rented a Toyota Avanza as a seven-seater and had it delivered to the Hotel. The car had a brand new and very large Android display inside. With this we could connect without any problems and navigate perfectly.The initial contact with the boss as well as his associate Nui but especially with his associate Matt who took care of everything afterwards was absolutely great. Matt is highly professional and at the same time very empathetic and sympathetic! From drop off to return, everything worked out perfectly.Matt was even very nice and picked us up from the hotel for the drop off and stored our luggage with him since we were four adults and three kids. Thus, we could even drive the rental car to the port, while he drove in front of us with our luggage to make the return there.When we arrived at the ferry, Matt separately drove our friend who had to check in for all of us with the ship's company back to the check in, which was not in close proximity and very hidden, and even drove her back to us waiting at the ferry.We did not ask for it and were very grateful from the bottom of our hearts that he volunteered and helped us so much.Such wonderful service and customer friendliness made us very happy!Thank you for everything and we can highly recommend this car rental company 100%. Super human prices. Everything just perfect!
Eran GalperinEran Galperin
08:38 29 Apr 23
Rented a car here on short notice for 9 days. Very accommodating and warm service, also picked the car up from the ferry area on the last day. Car was clean and well maintained - will definitely use them again on the next trip.
Kiril ReznikKiril Reznik
06:40 14 Apr 23
We've rented an AWD in Koh Phangan for our stay at the island. Guy went above and beyond making our stay as comfortable as possible. He provided the car equipped with two child seats and made sure to send someone to meet us at the Thongsala pier for pick up and drop off. Highly recommend!
06:08 12 Apr 23
Rented a pick up with them.Easy process, good communication and a trustworthy car. It had almost 170k Kilometers but was well maintained. Perfect for the time on the island. Can recommend the company and service.
Miao Hui WongMiao Hui Wong
03:28 12 Apr 23
The rental sign up process was really easy and transparent, and the team was quick to respond to any questions, and they were friendly! Although we discovered an issue or two with the car (eg: one of the back windows didn’t roll down, and the auto lock buttons on the key weren’t working on some days, just little things!) while driving it, giving feedback was comfortable and the team was focused on the support they could provide in their communication.
alon ben davidalon ben david
11:54 09 Apr 23
Profesional kind and fair service.Rented a car for two periods on our stay in Kohphangan. Always on time, easy and fair rent, reliability and availability for any issue.Highly recommended!
noa sadenoa sade
04:36 25 Mar 23
A wonderful rental experience ! So reliable and available , always with a smile! When I made a little accident they were so calming and offered to drive me, exchange the car and mostly gave me a safe and honest feeling! Highly recommended
Carter AveryCarter Avery
17:00 07 Mar 23
Great company. Our car wasn’t ready when we arrived so they brought the car up to us in haad salad later that afternoon at no extra charge and they were super flexible with us extending our rental as well. Easy swap at the pier upon exit as well. Highly recommend!
Ivan GavrilovicIvan Gavrilovic
08:30 11 Feb 23
I had a great rental experience. Rented a car for 9 days, pick up/drop off locations/time were quite flexible, and entire communication was very smooth. The car (4x4, 7 seater) was in a good condition, overall a very positive experience.
Diane AltosDiane Altos
01:34 30 Dec 22
I'm glad that I am renting car from this company. They picked me up by the pier and customer service was excellent. I have never been to Koh Phangan before this is the first time so they took their time to gave me some tips of where to go. The car is very nice and clean. They have made all this easy for me. Thank you.
Guy Ben AmiGuy Ben Ami
01:25 30 Dec 22
We rented a car for 14 days. Car was in great condition served great. Pickup and drop off were easy, booking rprocess and terms were easy, clear with all details up front. Will rent again! Thank you
Lindsay KravitLindsay Kravit
05:29 28 Dec 22
Great service. Had no issues. The car wasn’t ready at the time expected but they provided taxi service to the hotel at no charge and refunded the first day. Easy communication and car return service at the pier. Highly recommended!
t ct c
05:56 14 Oct 22
We tried very spontaneously online via chat to rent a car for today. The team was super fast and helpful! Really commendable, we were given all possible options and all questions answered quickly and in the best way. Great and helpful communication, thank you very much!
Yuri VonchitzkiYuri Vonchitzki
02:38 26 May 20
Great car and jeep rental service. Car was in a very good condition, everything was clean, staff is very professional. I will definitely come again when on Koh Phangan.
Ilan DvashIlan Dvash
14:35 16 May 20
Cars are clean and well maintained.The service is outstanding and the price is fair.We have peace of mind with their cars and knowing that we are in professional hands. Thank you!
Terry StapletonTerry Stapleton
11:13 28 Mar 20
Wow, great company to use. Met at the Ferry Port with quick paperwork and ready to go. The car was well appointed and gave no trouble for the 2 weeks of hire. Good price for the car. The pick up and drop off was on time both ways and Guy was very helpful throughout the booking and hiring process.
Rui MadeiraRui Madeira
14:50 17 Feb 20
This was the second time we rented a car in Kho Phangan. Org, super professional service, we will come back for sure ?
Ariel HarpazAriel Harpaz
05:52 02 Feb 20
We had an amazing experience, service was phenomenal. Every question was always answered immidetly and cars were always clean and worked great!
Rosewan HosakulRosewan Hosakul
04:34 02 Feb 20
Guy and the Team were really great. They helped from the pier, the car was a great beach tool, had a great stereo that really WORKED, (awesome and remarkably uncommon), they were super helpful when we had to change rental dates, RESPONSIVE, and Professional. That’s a solid combo for an island rental agency. We will rent with them again on our next trip.
Fantastic service, smooth process and fair prices. We had a fantastic experience with the car! Highly recommended
All well organised,helpfull staff,would recomend to everyone who wants to visit Koh Phangan and drive arround in a car insted of unsecure motor bike ?
Andreas Wagner Jr.Andreas Wagner Jr.
13:32 20 Jan 20
Really good service. Flexible times and car drop off Akustische in time. He gave me 2 hours over appointment for free cause we was blocked somewhere. We come again
Fabian ScheerFabian Scheer
08:35 17 Dec 19
Guy was extremly reliable and responded within minutes from the first booking request until returning the car at the end of the rental.Picking us up at the pier at arrival and being at the ferry office where our stay ended was so helpful and convenient!!The small Suzuki 4WD made every last corner of the island accessible for us and it almost hurt to give it back at the end.Just perfect and definitly our go to rental service for our next stay in Koh Phangan!! Thank you so much Guy!
igal daibochigal daiboch
09:29 12 Dec 19
I surely recommend, good attitude, help you at every hour, there is always an address to call when you need it. Good and safe cars, big , small, 4*4 and all in really fair prices ?
Maya YaronMaya Yaron
00:45 23 Sep 19
Friendly and quick respond. When we had a small problem he immidiatly solved it with no hassle. Picked us up from the Pier.
Jor -FiTJor -FiT
05:37 05 Sep 19
Very very good. The car was delivered at our Resort bij Guy. Walked with him around the car for dents/marks and he wrote them on paper. Next time again?.
Sam HallenSam Hallen
19:34 23 Aug 19
Easy car rental - good price for a spacious Toyota Avenza. The owner is friendly and fast formalities. I advise.
Tal ShaharTal Shahar
08:12 20 Aug 19
I really recommend renting a car from this excellent company.They were very responsive and gave us great service.
Pierre ChaptalPierre Chaptal
01:14 20 Aug 19
We rented a car for a family of 6 for 4 days : the service was friendly and reliable.
cicero gt sennacicero gt senna
03:17 07 Aug 19
Top rental carGood quality-price, the staff was very kind with us.I would definitely suggest them!
Nicholas SargentNicholas Sargent
10:53 24 Jun 19
From the first communication through to handing back the keys, Guy was fantastic! Prompt when responding over email & to questions, pickup with the car was seamless and the car was great. We hired the Hilux and it really was a pleasure to drive around the island. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking to hire a car on Koh Phangan.
Thomas LeibrechtThomas Leibrecht
09:05 22 Jun 19
very friendly service, anytime help with problems within seconds, i will give best recommodation pn my friends.
Aru ParuAru Paru
11:09 22 May 19
We rented a car for 5 Werks and had a great time with it. The owner is really giving a good service!
david ben aridavid ben ari
14:35 13 May 19
Amazing service. Highly recommended. Second time I rent from Guy and happy again. He delivered the car and picked it up straight from us at the pier, and was friendly and helpful with every thing else, he also installed a baby seat as for our prior request. The car was a beast (Toyota pickup) and didn’t have any problems with it except one back light which was flaud and we didn’t even notice until we ran in to him one night and he noticed. The next morning he fixed it straight away. Will definitely rent again next visit.
Eliya Ben AriEliya Ben Ari
13:25 12 May 19
We rent cars from Guy every year and can highly recommend. Great variety of cars, fair prices, reliable A/C (for the hot and humid days) and what I find most important, excellent service and support.
This year we were renting second time with Guy. Communication is fast and easy, Guy was helpful with any of our questions or enquiries, like sending a copy of passport which we needed at some point. Fast in responding. He was waiting for us at the pier. The car we rented worked well and was clean. Great experience, thank you Guy!

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