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koh phangan important and emergency numbers
Be Informed, Be Safe: Key and Emergency Numbers in Koh Phangan

Essential Numbers for a Safe Stay in Koh Phangan

When visiting Koh Phangan, it’s important to have access to key and emergency numbers to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Understanding the importance of these numbers and keeping them handy can provide you with peace of mind and quick access to assistance when needed.

Understanding the Importance of Key and Emergency Numbers

Being familiar with key and emergency numbers is crucial in any travel destination, and Koh Phangan is no exception. Knowing who to contact in case of emergencies, medical assistance, or any other essential services can make a significant difference in addressing any unforeseen situations promptly and efficiently.

By having these numbers readily available, you can quickly reach out to the appropriate authorities or service providers, ensuring that help or guidance is just a call away. It’s recommended to save these numbers in your phone contacts or write them down in a convenient location during your stay in Koh Phangan.

Important Numbers to Keep Handy

Here are some important numbers that you should keep handy during your time in Koh Phangan:

ServiceContact Number
Police Emergency Hotline191
Fire Department199

Remember, emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s essential to be prepared. Keep these numbers easily accessible and familiarize yourself with the local emergency response system. In addition to emergency contacts, it’s also beneficial to have information about medical assistance, tourist services, transportation, and local services. This knowledge will help you navigate any situation that may arise during your stay in Koh Phangan.

In the next sections, we will provide you with more specific contact information for medical assistance, tourist services, transportation, and local services. Stay informed and stay safe throughout your time on this beautiful island.

Emergency Contacts

When traveling to Koh Phangan, it’s important to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by having access to key emergency numbers. Familiarize yourself with the following emergency contacts to ensure your safety and well-being during your stay:


In case of any non-emergency situations or to report any incidents, you can contact the local police in Koh Phangan. The police are responsible for maintaining law and order on the island and can assist you with any non-medical emergencies.

Police DepartmentContact Number
Koh Phangan Police191


In the event of a medical emergency, it’s crucial to have quick access to ambulance services. Whether you or someone around you requires urgent medical attention, call for an ambulance immediately. The medical professionals will provide the necessary assistance and transport you to the nearest hospital.

Ambulance ServiceContact Number
Koh Phangan Hospital1669
Bangkok Hospital Koh Phangan077 377 200

Fire Department

In case of a fire or any fire-related emergencies, it’s important to contact the fire department promptly. The fire department is equipped to handle fire incidents and can provide the necessary assistance to ensure your safety.

Fire DepartmentContact Number
Koh Phangan Fire Department199

Having these emergency contacts readily available will help you stay prepared and ensure a safe experience during your time in Koh Phangan. For more information on transportation options on the island, refer to our article on transportation to Koh Phangan.

Medical Assistance

When traveling to Koh Phangan, it’s important to be aware of the available medical assistance in case you or someone in your party requires medical attention. Familiarizing yourself with the locations of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies can provide peace of mind during your stay.

Hospitals and Clinics

Koh Phangan offers several hospitals and clinics that provide medical services to both residents and tourists. These facilities have trained medical professionals who can assist with a wide range of healthcare needs, from minor injuries to more serious medical conditions.

Here are some hospitals and clinics you should keep handy:

Hospital/Clinic NameContact Number
Koh Phangan Hospital077-377-254
Thong Sala Clinic077-377-162
Chaloklum Hospital077-374-124
Bandon International Hospital077-377-233


Pharmacies can be found throughout Koh Phangan and are a convenient source for over-the-counter medications and basic medical supplies. They can assist with minor ailments, such as headaches, allergies, or common cold symptoms.

Here are some pharmacies you can reach out to:

Pharmacy NameContact Number
Pharmacy 1077-377-597
Pharmacy 2077-377-905
Pharmacy 3077-377-952

In case of any medical emergency, it’s essential to call the local emergency services or seek immediate assistance from the nearest hospital or clinic. For more information on emergency contacts in Koh Phangan, refer to the previous section on Emergency Contacts.

By being aware of the available medical assistance in Koh Phangan, you can ensure a safe and worry-free stay on the island. However, it’s always advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies to provide additional protection during your trip.

Tourist Assistance

When visiting Koh Phangan, it’s important to have access to the necessary resources and assistance to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some key tourist assistance contacts you should keep handy during your stay:

Tourist Police

The Tourist Police in Koh Phangan are dedicated to assisting tourists and providing them with support and guidance. They can help with various issues, including reporting crimes, lost belongings, or any general inquiries you may have during your stay. The Tourist Police can be reached at the following number:

Tourist PoliceContact Number
Koh Phangan Tourist Police1155

Consulates and Embassies

In case of emergencies or if you require assistance regarding your passport, visas, or any other diplomatic matters, it’s important to have the contact information for your respective consulate or embassy. Here are the contact numbers for some popular consulates in Koh Phangan:

Consulate/EmbassyContact Number
United States Consulate+66 2 205 4049
British Embassy+66 2 305 8333
Australian Consulate+66 2 696 2000
Canadian Embassy+66 2 636 0540

It’s advisable to save the contact details of your consulate or embassy in case of any emergencies or issues that may arise during your stay.

Tourist Information Centers

Tourist Information Centers are valuable resources for obtaining information about Koh Phangan, including attractions, tours, transportation options, and local recommendations. The staff at these centers are knowledgeable and can provide helpful guidance to ensure you make the most of your visit. Here are some tourist information centers you can reach out to:

Tourist Information CentersContact Number
Koh Phangan Tourist Information Center+66 77 377 646
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Office+66 77 238 745

Feel free to reach out to these centers for any inquiries or assistance you may need during your time in Koh Phangan.

By having the contact information for the Tourist Police, consulates, and tourist information centers readily available, you can ensure a safer and more informed stay on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. Remember to save these numbers in your phone or keep them in a easily accessible location for peace of mind throughout your trip.


When exploring the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, it’s essential to have access to reliable transportation services. Whether you’re looking to get around the island, travel to nearby destinations, or rent a vehicle for your own convenience, knowing the right contacts is crucial. Here are some important transportation services to keep in mind during your stay:

Taxi Services

Taxi services are readily available on the island and provide a convenient way to navigate Koh Phangan. Taxis can be found at popular tourist areas, such as the ferry terminals and major beaches. It’s advisable to negotiate the fare before starting your journey, as most taxis do not operate on meters. Keep in mind that taxi availability might be limited during late hours or in more remote areas.

Ferry and Transportation Companies

Koh Phangan is well-connected to neighboring islands and mainland Thailand by ferry services. These ferries provide a convenient way to travel to and from Koh Phangan. Multiple ferry companies operate regular services, and the schedules may vary depending on the season. It’s recommended to check the ferry timetables in advance to plan your trips accordingly. For more information on transportation options to Koh Phangan, refer to our article on transportation to Koh Phangan.

Rental Services

If you prefer to explore the island at your own pace, renting a vehicle can be a great option. Koh Phangan offers various rental services for motorcycles, scooters, and cars. Renting a two-wheeler is a popular choice among tourists due to its convenience and affordability. However, ensure that you have the necessary driving license and insurance to comply with local regulations. For more details on renting vehicles in Koh Phangan, refer to our article on rent a tropical villa in Koh Phangan.

It’s important to note that road conditions on the island can vary, and traffic laws should be followed for a safe and enjoyable experience. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or scooter, and be aware of your surroundings. Taking necessary precautions will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transportation experience during your time in Koh Phangan.

Local Services

While enjoying your stay in Koh Phangan, it’s important to be aware of the local services available to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are some essential local services you should familiarize yourself with:

Utility Companies

In case you encounter any issues with utilities during your stay, it’s helpful to have contact information for the local utility companies in Koh Phangan. Whether you have questions about electricity, water supply, or any other utility-related concerns, these companies can provide the necessary assistance. Here are a few utility companies in Koh Phangan:

UtilityContact Number
Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA)1129
Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)038-212-019

Internet and Telecommunication Providers

Staying connected is essential, even while on vacation. Koh Phangan offers various internet and telecommunication providers that cater to the needs of both residents and tourists. If you require internet access or encounter any issues with your telecommunication services, the following companies can provide support:

ProviderContact Number
CAT Telecom038-213-500
TrueMove H1242

Local Government Offices

If you have any inquiries or require assistance related to local government matters, it’s helpful to know the contact information for relevant offices in Koh Phangan. Whether you need information about permits, licenses, or other administrative matters, these offices can provide guidance. Here are a few local government offices you might find useful:

OfficeContact Number
Koh Phangan District Office077-377-345
Koh Phangan Municipality077-377-345
Tourist Police (Koh Phangan)1155

By familiarizing yourself with these local services and their contact numbers, you can easily access the assistance you need during your stay in Koh Phangan. Whether you encounter utility issues, require internet support, or need guidance from local government offices, having these numbers on hand will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the island.

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